• Open lines of communication from the county making it easier for people to express their concerns and for the county to get its message out

  • Be accountable for decisions and respond to questions

  • Work to increase messaging and instill pride in the citizens of Winnebago County

  • Become more visible and available for the citizens of Winnebago and beyond through improving methods of communication and engaging in public events

  • Encourage our governing departments to work together

  • Establish better relationships between  the county government and non-profits

  • Strive to unify the county and bring together our urban and rural communities to work together on common issues

  • Encourage citizen engagement to be part of the solution

  • Strengthen partnerships with neighboring counties and increase collaborative efforts in our region

  • Help attract new business to the county and promote growth of our existing businesses

  • Support the entrepreneurial spirit by offering support to startup businesses

  • Maintain and improve our recreational areas to attract talent to our county and increase quality of life

  • Support our non-profits and county services to help people stabilize and thrive

  • Criminal Justice Reform

    • ​Promote alternative programs for those in need of mental health assistance and AODA services

    • Institute more strict penalties for violent offenders and lengthen "cool down" periods for domestic abuse victims to make decisions

    • Decriminalize marijuana and refocus efforts to combat our opioid crisis

  • Tax Reform​​​

    • Explore options and programs for those behind on tax obligations to be able to satisfy their debts

    • ​Revisit tax penalties and examine fairness in assessment

    • Increase transparency on county tax spending