Having been born and raised in Winnebago County, I have learned what it means to live within a true community. I have grown to admire the Midwestern charm of caring for each other, friendly rivalry, and hearing an occasional "ope" when we bump in to each other. I enjoy frequent head nods or a kind wave from passing strangers and love the concern shown to myself and those around me.


In Winnebago County we take pride in hard work and accomplishing great things. We manufacture some of the greatest products in the world. We grow the best corn in the nation and take pride in our dairy, paper, and steel industries. We enjoy our great outdoors and waterways with miles of trails to escape the bustle of everyday life. We are rich with art, culture, and culinary variety for any taste. We get up early, go to bed late and always get the job done.


I take pride in our great county and it all it has to offer. I have fought hard for growth in our county when I served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce. I worked towards collaboration with our non-profits and business leaders through the development of Heroes of Oshkosh. I have faced challenges head on and found solutions. I did this in regards to the Oshkosh Corporation headquarters. I listened to the concerns of all sides and was still able to draw a hard line when needed. I was able to stand my ground with respect and civility while still engaging in conversation. I fought hard for finding a solution where we could have built a stage for Lifefest while still keeping the racetrack. Again, I negotiated without rudeness and did my best, only to lose the racetrack in our second effort. 


My wife Anne and I have had the privilege of opening and running a successful business that is focused on community and giving back. ZaRonis has been an example of putting people first and taking care of our neighbors. We know how to balance cost and make a payroll. Our business has helped us to raise our four beautiful daughters who have learned to appreciate the value of hard work and community.


I have a lot to offer the citizens of Winnebago County. I will bring a strong leadership style willing to have the discussions, answer the questions and help make hard decisions. I can take the "arrows" and be held accountable when merited. Above all, I hope to give all citizens a voice.


I have always lead by example through my actions. I am a truly independent person running for a non-partisan office and I am looking forward to the opportunity to bring a much needed balanced approach to our local government. I look forward to earning your trust and ultimately your vote. Help me to bring meaningful government to Winnebago County.



Jon Doemel